xbTipPop Button v1.2.0.1

xbTipPop Button v1.2.0.1
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04 July 2019
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Editor button plugin to insert bootstrap Tooltip or Popover into text.

See xbTipPop article and documentation for more detail


v1.2.0.1 4th Jan 2019
( only existed for about 30mins and had a major bug which was immediately fixed for
Much tidying of code
Selection now working correctly with both editors and multiple instances on page
Improvements to layout of Options and Settings page
Added facility to have image tooltip
Added sample css file and js file for installing in template
v1.1.0.0 28th Dec 2018
First release for submission to JED
Many bug fixes and improvements
Much legacy code updated - will probably only fully work with J3.9+
Tested and working with JCE and TinyMCE editors
CodeMirror editor will replace rather then wrap around selected text
v1.0.0.0 22nd Dec 2018
    First beta release

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