CrOsborne is really just Roger CO (where CO = Creagh-Osborne) and is the name under which I occasionally publish bits and pieces of software that I have developed.

This site is where you can find the current public stuff including Joomla components. If you use them then a review on JED is always welcome.

All software and code is provided under GPLv3 licence terms. If you use something a small contribution in the tip jar for a pint of good beer after a morning scything or a glass of red whilst watching the sun go down on the mooring would be appreciated

At various time this has included standalone applications for Psion, Palm, EPOC and Apple iOS mobile devices, Acorn (BeebOS), MSDOS and Windows PCs (from v3.1 to 10), and Apple MacOSX as well as since 1998 full web sites and applications and database design and development from MS Access2.0 through various others to current MySQL and MS SQL Server. Most of these are now consigned to the dustbin of history. More information in my Techie Talk Blog.

My day job mostly involves Windows development using Visual Studio targeting standalone and web based applications, and increasingly Arduino based apps often linked with a Windows controller.

Most of what I do is paid work for a client or employer so doesn't see the light of day here. If you have a requirement and can afford to pay my very reasonable rates then please contact me. If you are involved in the environmental/ecology/green movement within the UK  I''ll try and fit you in at a cost inversely proportional to my sympathy for your project and approaching zero pence. This may include hosting and managing your website.