com_xbfilms v0.9.5
9th May 2021  J3

xbfilms filmsxbFilms is an xbCulture family component for cataloguing films you have seen and reviews of them. Version 0.9.5 is the current release for inclusion on JED.

It has been developed in parallel with xbBooks to replace an old paper diary and spreadsheet of films seen by myself.

xbFilms is installed as a package containing two components - com_xbfilms and a supporting component, com_xbpeople, for administration of people and characters which are common to all xbCulture components.

The primary intended user is someone wanting to keep a record of films they have seen with a reminder of the plot and what their reaction was.  

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xbFilms provides views into a relational database of films, people, characters and reviews.

People may be directors,cast,crew, or real people appearing in the film. One person may have several roles in different films. A distinction is made between real people and fictional characters.

A review is of a single film, but a film may have several reviews: a one-to-many relationship. Reviews are optional - if you want a simply catalogue then don't create any reviews!

People and characters are shared across all xbCulture components. A film director may also write a book, appear in films as an actor, play banjo in a band, and be the subject of a biography. 

The standard Joomla Category and Tagging facilities are used for films and reviews.

As well as title, subtitle and a brief summary, there are film specific fields for production and technical details as well as links to people for director(s). producer(s) other crew (with function), actors (with role) and more.

Reviews have a star rating on a 7 point scale (see here for reasons why 7 is used). In addition to 1 to 7 stars, I have added the ability to grant a zero rating for things that are so bad that I don't even finish watching them. This is an optional setting.

For further information see the xbFilms Documentation pages


Improvements and bug fixes

  1. v1.0 - All text in language files
  2. v2.0 - Joomla 4 compatible version
  3. v4.0 - Joomla 4 native version

... please report any bugs or problems on GitHub

Possible New features

  1. ability to specify rating scale limits (allow 5 or 10 star systems)
  2. front-end editing and creation of reviews
  3. Catalogue only mode without reviews or ratings (achievable now by hiding the relevant columns and labels)

 ... suggest your own ideas on GitHub

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