xbBooks xbFilms and xbPeople all updated to v0.9.9.9 J3

Expect a couple more minor updates before official v1.0

NEW Complete package for all xbCulture Components and Modules now available (onestop install) v0.1.2  J3


xbBooks xbFilms and xbPeople all updated to v0.9.9.5 J3

Getting close to Version 1.0 😅 but not quite there yet. Since J3 is no longer being developed the plan is to develop to v1.0 against Joomla 3.10.10 and then to fork Joomla into "Roomla" (Roger's Joomla) and start to make my own improvements to the core. This means that gradually my components will likely become incompatible with Joomla 3.10.x and will require Roomla/Joomla 3.11+

NEW xbRefMan v1.0.0 J3

Yes, there will still be bugs and wrinkles but lets call it Version 1.0 😅

xbRefs Plugins v2.1.1  J3

Minor improvements and bugfixes

xbRefMan Release Candidate 2  J3

New Component for managing references in articles. Now undergoing final testing on live site.