xbMaps updated to v1.3.0 (many improvements - see changelogJ3

All xbCulture Components and Packages Updated  J3

xbBooks xbFilms  and xbPeople updated to v1.1.0 J3

Modal previews for all related content (click the eyecon )

 xbMaps updated to v1.2.1  (bugfix on upload destination) J3

All xbCulture Components and Packages Updated  J3

xbBooks xbFilms updated to v1.0.3 and xbPeople to v1.0.12  J3

Groups for People (primarily for xbEvents now in Alpha release). Admin previews for Books, Films and People.



NEW xbCulture Components and Packages all now version 1.0.0  J3

xbBooks xbFilms and xbPeople all updated to v1.0.0 J3

Finally got around to fixing most of the things that were annoying me - still some odds and sods to do - for details see Issues on GitHub (xbBooks, xbFillms, xbPeople)
For longer term roadmaps see component pages on here (links above)