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Faces Places

Directors : Director JR & Director Agnes Varda
Released: 2017

Synopsis extract: Agnes meets photo artist JR who specialises in giant images and the two collaborate. ...

Full synopsis 18 words

Average (3.5)

Sat 28 Sep 2019
Mon 19 Apr 2021


A Total Film Experience
This One Has Everything

Director : Director Yurki Ooms
Released: 2020

In short you could say that all moviedom is here

Full synopsis 780 words

Tue 6 Apr 2021


Minding the Gap

Director : Director Bing Liu
Released: 2018

Synopsis extract: Coming of age documentary in Rustbelt USA today.

Full synopsis 8 words

Sun 4 Apr 2021


The Go Between

Director : Director Joseph Loesey
Released: 1971

Synopsis extract: Edwardian country house nonsense

Full synopsis 4 words

Mon 4 May 2020


The Chambermaid

Director : Director Lila Avilés
Released: 2018

Synopsis extract: Life of a chambermaid in a luxurious Mexico City hotel

Full synopsis 10 words

Sat 11 Apr 2020



Director : Director Bong Joon Ho
Released: 2019

Synopsis extract: Korean film about a poor family who infiltrate a rich family as their servants, displacing their ...

Full synopsis 17 words

Tue 3 Mar 2020


The Flood

Director : Director Anthony Woodley
Released: 2019

Synopsis extract: Immigration Officer gets involved in a case whilst having personal difficulties

Full synopsis 11 words

Tue 18 Feb 2020



Director : Director Jordan Peele
Released: 2019

Synopsis extract: Silly hokum about doppleganners living beneath ground and escaping to terrorise their doubles.

Full synopsis 13 words

Mon 27 Jan 2020



Director : Director Mark Jenkin
Released: 2019

Synopsis extract: Cornish fishing village modern day look at tensions between secondhomers and working community

Full synopsis 13 words

Fri 1 Nov 2019



Director : Director Nadine Labaki
Released: 2018

Synopsis extract: Zain, 12 years old, flees his negligent parents for life on the streets and in prison in Beruit ...

Full synopsis 62 words

(no review)


Diego Maradona

Director : Director Asif Kapadia
Released: 2019

Synopsis extract: Story of Diego's time at Napoli (with extensive home movie coverage of his career.

Full synopsis 14 words

(no review)


La Bete Humaine

Director : Director Jean Renoir
Released: 1938

Synopsis extract: Life (and loves) on the French Railways. ...

Full synopsis 71 words

(no review)



unlisted director

No summary or synopsis provided

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Varda by Agnes

Director : Director Agnes Varda
Released: 2019

Synopsis extract: Also released as a 2 part TV show

Full synopsis 7 words

(no review)


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