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on 28 Sep 2019
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Review of "Faces Places"

Review of" Faces Places  

Film directed by: Agnes Varda , JR 

Film released: 2017


Visages Villages (the title in French) sees 89 year old artist/film maker Agnes Varda collaborate with 34 year old photo-muralist JR. Together they embark on a voyage around France creating stunning works/installations as they go and cross fertilising both ways between the generations of artists as they go. This is their story, and a delight filled one it is. Agnes died aged 90 in March 2019 and this film together with "The Beaches of Agnes" 2008 makes a fitting legacy for someone at the heart of the post WWII French New Wave Cinema in the 60s (and incidentally, as a friend, one of only 6 people to attend Jim Morrison's funeral). A life well lived, for sure the new generation epitomised by JR will carry the baton forward.
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