Reviewed by Roger,

on 04 May 2020
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Review of "The Go Between"

Review of" The Go Between  

Film directed by: Joseph Loesey 

Film released: 1971


Belongs with Wuthering Heights and Brief Encounter (and many more) as English establishment nostalgic propaganda for the status quo. Its all ok cos sometimes relationships across class divides are fruitful. Social mobility is possible so snobbery is ok. No basis is given for any kind of relationship between the Bates character and the Christie one - apart from people saying "he's a bit of a ladies man" - so presumably she is bound to fall for him. The toffs are all unpleasant (to each other and as people) and the plebs are caricatures. (the shot of them sitting on a bench watching the cricket match is particularly insulting). There is nothing of merit here.

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