xbRefs-Content Plugin Changelog

v2.1.1 : 11th April 2022

  • add option for link colour in footer areas
  • force click/focus option applies if links found in descriptions as well as for com_weblinks urls

v2.1.0 : 31st March 2022. xbRefMan Compatibility

  • fixed bug in footnote numbering sometimes being one adrift after {​xbref-here used
  • changes to option and parameter naming for clarity
    Check and resave options after upgrading
  • allow weblink references to force either focus or click popovers
  • minor tweaks to CSS
  • add anchors to shortcode position to allow links to article context for reference

v2.0.0 : 10th February 2022 MAIN RELEASE

  • language strings tied up
  • bugfix for styles in footnote area

v1.9.9.7 : 4th February 2022

  • integrate with WebLinks component as reference source
  • re-numbering now uses xbref-here shortcode and works
  • option to force click popover trigger action for weblinks
  • uninstall correctly removing xbref-here shortcodes

v.9.9.3 : 29th January 2022

  - trig= now includes "click" option
  - triggers now work correctly without built-in css
  - [xbref...] new option num= to set start value for reference numbering
  - [xbref-here] new option head= to set a header text for the particular footnotes insert
  - options to style trigger text for popovers if not using built-in css : 28th January 2022

  - fixed bug with double quotes in tag description html breaking shortcode (eg links)

: 27th January 2022
 - Initial release as per xbFootnoteTag v1.2.0 with naming changed