Sunday 3rd January 2021

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The Case of Comrade Tulayev

Author : Victor Serge

Summary :
Life in the Soviet Union in the Party around 1938/9 and the during preceding 30 years
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Reviewed by Comrade Carl, on 03 Jan 2021

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How Stalin was supported even by those who were being purged and eliminated, as they saw a greater good.

Totalitarian Communism Understood

A long and complex story which moves across a cast of characters before circling back to the opening pair. Sometimes difficult to follow the unfamiliar Russian names and their relationships, sometimes the political philosophising gets a bit weighty, but flashes of absolutely lucid literary lucidity make it all worth while.

Some of the writing is truly poetic, evoking place and emotion with great power (praise too for the translator), and the historical details of life across Russia, in the Communist Party at various levels, in Spain and in Paris, plus the memories of earlier (revolutionary) deeds, are fascinating.

All in all you gain an understanding of how totalitarian communism worked and why it was effective - totally dependent on party members putting their loyalty to Party and Socialism above everything else. It is in essence the same as religious fanaticism, and like fanatical religion it thrives only in certain people in particular circumstances.

Very well worth reading - as this century unfolds will those who understand this story be first up against the wall as a new populism for our times comes to the fore. Would any of us dilettante eco-activists be capable of the total commitment to the cause that the communists of old espoused?

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Wednesday 25th July 2018

Summary :
Organised crime from Russia and Turkey meets HM Customs via a defector from the bank that cleans ...
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Reviewed by Roger, on 25 Jul 2018

Review of "Single & Single"

Somewhat unconvincing and unsatisfying. Single junior seems made up of contradictions, Single senior is never clearly drawn being a god-like father figure, Brock, the customs secret agent has power beyond likelihood, the shadowy corrupt policeman in the background is a convenient catch-all villain and the assorted Russian mobsters are charicatures.

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