TBR4P 2021

with 250 cyclists over 4 days from Bristol to London via Swindon, Oxford and Luton.

Map showing 4 GPS tracks recorded on the ride. Note that the track statistics, seen if you click a track or its endpoints, are a bit mad for elevation and speed. This is a quirk of the recording device settings conflicting with the algorithm used by leaflet gpx plugin to calculate elevation gain. 

The map auto-fits to the tracks. Also showing markers for the lunch stops each day illustrating the different marker types available.

TBR4P 2021

Overview of The Big Ride for Palestine 2021


   Thu 29 Jul '21  Day 1 Bristol-Swindon 
   Fri 30 Jul '21  Day 2 Swindon-Oxford 
   Sat 31 Jul '21  Day 3 Oxford-Luton 
   Sun 01 Aug '21  Day 4 Luton-London 


  •    Lunch Day 1 
    w3w: ///magnum.frog.rationed
  •    Lunch Day 2 
    w3w: ///shredding.patio.fired
  •    Lunch in a Rainstorm 
    w3w: ///record.towns.gravel
  •    The Last Lunch 
    w3w: ///lime.bucks.crab