News May 10th 2022

NEW xbRefMan v1.0.0 J3

Yes, there will still be bugs and wrinkles but lets call it Version 1.0 😅

I produce Joomla Extensions for my own use and amusement. I've been doing so since just after Mambo became Joomla v1. I share them in case anyone else finds them useful.

in general I am not responsive to suggestions for changes or improvements unless I would find it useful (although if you point out a bug or problem then I'll generally fix it)

Joomla 4 has been a long time coming and I've been looking at it since the first Beta came out. I can see that there are many improvements incorporated.

However there are also some things that have not been fixed and some changes that I find definitely for the worse. For example the new Admin template I think is horrible and a pointless learning curve to switch to.

More significantly the process of updating a J3 component to run on J4 is a complete nightmare, very poorly documented (as yet?) and a lot of work. Starting from scratch with a J4 native version of an existing component idea is equally fraught.

Since all of my sites run satisfactorily on J3 I see absolutely no reason to migrate any of them to J4. So I have no need to update any of my extensions to be J4 compatible. I also I have no desire to do the work involved.

Since I also recognise that the internet is completely unsustainable from an ecological whole systems point of view (where will the energy come from to make the stuff and run it?) I estimate that within 20 years it will no longer be functional. In this context my time is better spent growing food and living well within my eco-system than producing spurious updates of things that work.

Hence there will be NO Joomla4 versions of any of my components developed by me. Don't even waste your time asking. If you want to go ahead and do the work yourself then fill your boots. The code is available open source (GPL3). Just credit me with anything of mine you use.

If you wish to remove the credit line at the foot of all xbCulture components pages then you can simply buy me a beer. Lets say £4 for a pint of good real ale and you'll get a code to enter on the xbPeople component Options page which will get rid of the footer on all xbCulture component pages for all sites so long as you have xbPeople installed. (If you accidentally remove it, simply re-installed and reenter the same phrase.

Best way to buy me a beer is simply to pay for it on PayPal (with a card if you don't have a PayPal account of your own). Use the button below.

Alternatively you could hack the code to manually remove the offending items - it shouldn't be difficult but it will probably take more than four pounds worth of your time (that's less than half an hour at minimum wage - you could do it in that time if you know what you are doing) and anyway if you like the components enough to want to remove the credit then I trust that you are honest and will do the right thing... click the button above. 

CrOsborne is really just Roger CO (where CO = Creagh-Osborne) and is the name under which I occasionally publish bits and pieces of software that I have developed.

This site is where you can find the current public stuff including Joomla components. If you use them then a review on JED is always welcome.

All software and code is provided under GPLv3 licence terms. If you use something a small contribution in the tip jar for a pint of good beer after a morning scything or a glass of red whilst watching the sun go down on the mooring would be appreciated

At various time this has included standalone applications for Psion, Palm, EPOC and Apple iOS mobile devices, Acorn (BeebOS), MSDOS and Windows PCs (from v3.1 to 10), and Apple MacOSX as well as since 1998 full web sites and applications and database design and development from MS Access2.0 through various others to current MySQL and MS SQL Server. Most of these are now consigned to the dustbin of history. More information in my Techie Talk Blog.

My day job mostly involves Windows development using Visual Studio targeting standalone and web based applications, and increasingly Arduino based apps often linked with a Windows controller.

Most of what I do is paid work for a client or employer so doesn't see the light of day here. If you have a requirement and can afford to pay my very reasonable rates then please contact me. If you are involved in the environmental/ecology/green movement within the UK  I''ll try and fit you in at a cost inversely proportional to my sympathy for your project and approaching zero pence. This may include hosting and managing your website.